Summarized Recap and Transcript of Fox News Town Hall with Hillary Clinton – 3/7/2016

Below are all the questions asked by Bret Baier during Fox New’s Town Hall with summarized answers given by Hillary Clinton.

Questions asked the audience are in italics.


What do you think about Bloomberg stating he is not running for President?

He is a great guy that I know and respect, and he has to make his own decision.

Is post-Libya transition one of your greatness weaknesses?

If we didn’t go into Libya, it would look like Syria today.

Do you think there should be restrictions on abortions?

I believe there should be exceptions in complex issues that involve the mother’s life and health.

Are you worried about the FBI investigation into your email server?


Are you a subject of the FBI investigation?


Are you or your staff a subject in the FBI investigation?

Absolutely not.

Are you aware your server would be a subject of the investigation?

No, but it was as mistake. A lot of people in the government have done the same. Nothing I sent or received was marked classified.

What about emails you send that include classified information, aren’t those classified?

No, it’s up to the state department to mark emails as classified. No emails were classified at the time. I hope they can release all the redacted parts of the emails so the American people can see how ridiculous it is.

How do you anticipate getting anything done in Washington when compromise is a bad word these days?

I worked with both parties during a children’s health care bill as First Lady. When I got the Senate I worked directly with my husbands biggest components. I did the same as Secretary of State. When I’m not running for office, Republicans really like me. Compromise is not a dirty word.

Why did you support the Crime Bill? If the bill was on the table again, would you vote for it again?

Both me and Sanders supported it because there was a crime epidemic happening at the time. There were problems that were solved and mistakes that were made by this bill. I want to change the prison pipeline so it becomes an education pipeline. I’m calling on the Governor to return the public schools to the people of Detroit.

Heckler question *inaudible*

I have a plan that is different than Sanders so let me answer that. I will make college debt free. If you can’t afford college, there will be funds provided for you to go. So that covers everyone except for rich people. I have the funding worked out to do this, I don’t believe Sanders plan can pay for his free college plan.


What will you do to make healthcare coverage more affordable under Obamacare?

We need to get to 100% coverage to get costs down. We are going to require more free services under plans and go after prescription drug costs. We need more competition in the marketplace. We need more non-profits. Blue Cross used to be non-profit. We need to get more non-profits into the marketplace with the right support to pressure the insurance companies to get the costs down.

Why is Sanders doing better with millennials?

I applaud Sanders for getting a big turnout, I love to see that. I am going to continue trying to attract younger people as I go. I tell young people even if you don’t vote for me now, I am going to work for you as President. Young people have no jobs and high debt, I don’t blame them for being angry. I can deliver real results to young people and I’m trying to solve realistic problems.

Are you an enemy or ally of Bernie Sanders?

Ally. We talk about issues. The republicans on the other hand don’t talk about anything substantive. I am proud the campaigns me and Sanders have run. We are going to need all the enthusiasm and support by younger people in the general. So, yes we are allies. Last election, I supported President Obama when I dropped out. I had to convince my base to vote for him, because it’s important for us to stick together because the other side is dangerous.

October 20th, 2015

Canada elects new Liberal Party government to replace Harper’s Conservative party, Edward Snowden says that the NSA collects more information on regular citizens then terrorists, a Cyberbill returns to the Senate floor today that is meant to increase sharing of information between private companies and the government.